Our Values

We value God, that He is Holy, so He is worthy of all our worship and devotion. He deserves our very best and nothing less. The highest expression of worship is humble obedience.

We value God’s love, that He created us for Himself and desires all people to enjoy a loving and eternal relationship with Him. All people matter to God.

We value God’s Word, that God in love has revealed Himself to us in His Son, Jesus Christ, through His Word the Bible and through His Holy Spirit that we may know Him and live for Him.

We value God’s people, the Church. That every believer has the potential to be transformed in love into the image of Christ in the world. 

That the Church is the primary community through which God’s love is perfected in human relationships through service. Relationships matter to God.

We value the human community. That the church, individual and corporate, have a divine mandate to bring God’s redemptive love to their community and their world through acts of compassion and evangelism.

Our Vision

We see a church loving...

A church that worships as a community united, praying and celebrating God in dynamic and creative ways.

A church that invites friends, family and community into redemptive, transforming relationships.

A church that serves by meeting real needs with real help in real time.

We see a church learning...

A church that is committed to knowing God and His plan of love through an intentional and progressive journey of spiritual transformation.

A church that encourages accountable relationships that bring out the best in each other.

A church that is committed to discovering, developing and deploying leaders for every new generation that will be agents of transformation and redemptive action.

We see a church living...

A church where every life is enriched with relationships that activate the love, grace and mercy of God through life groups.

A church where every member has the opportunity to express the various gifts and call of the Holy Spirit in diverse ministries.

A church that is constantly communicating to a constantly changing culture utilizing constantly evolving media the never changing message of God’s love.


12120 Strathern St,
North Hollywood, CA
phone: 818.318.0527

The Sunday Experience

9:30 AM: Armenian Service
10:45 AM: English Service

Sonshine Kids Church:
Primary (Ages 3-5)
Middler (Ages 6-12)
Toddler Room (Ages 0-2)


Life After Sunday

Wednesdays at 7:30 pm: Midweek Bible Study

We study the Bible and discover life applications by groups (Men, Ladies, Youth)

Life Groups

We meet every week at different homes for a time of encouragement, study and fellowship.